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Job Role : Supervisor Accounting

Job Level: Supervisor

Industry: Sub-contractors for Oil & Gas.

Objectives: To supervise All accounting procedures and taxation procedures.

Job Requirement:

A. Skills.

- Internet Literate

- Have the skills and the will of problem solving in the area of  Accounting Department.

- Having the ability to operate computer (Microsoft Excel).

- Having the ability to work in a group or individually.

- Having the initiative to come up with strategic solution if there is anything in the systems that can be made more efficient and effective.

-  Having the skills to evaluate and check monitoring and report in  accurately and have attention in details.

- Having the skills to be able to prioritize the things that should be put to be priority tasks and which tasks that can be postponed for some times.

-  Good administrative skills

-  Quick to learn

- Understanding and Include know what to do on the area of Taxation, Accounting.

- Have the skills and the will of problem solving in the area of Accounting and Taxation.

- Knowing what to evaluate when the data input seems to be wrong.

- Gives input to the manager on the health of the cash flows of the company, on reducing costs, on giving alert for outstanding payment from customers.

- Able to do the credit check background for new customers before registering to our company.

- Having the ability to operate accounting system such as Accurate and Fina.

B. Types and amounts of work experience.

-  Audit Report Monitoring.

-  Having the experiences as supervisor acct minimum 2-3 years  in the same field

C. Personal qualities.

-  Pro active / Initiatives

-  Having the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines

-  Honesty

-  Loyalty

-  courteous

- Critical Thinking

- fussy on the every reports handled.

D. Educational credentials : D1/S1

E. Health Credentials: If there is any sickness for the past history or current condition, submit the doctor letters results.

F. Gender:

- Females (Preferred)

- Males may apply.

G. Age:  Maximum 35 years Old.

Job Description:

- To make financial report daily, monthly, yearly with the analysis.

- To make profit and loss statement report.

- To make a balance sheet report

- To make Closing Journal Entries every end of month.

- To make and develop accounting systems, procedures, flow charts, as per company's needs.

- To make taxation monthly and yearly.

- To do Taxation audit

- To have Monitoring the accounts in the Bank

- To make a cash flow report that is suited to Bank Statement report.

- Reconciliation between the bank statement report with the company's accounting system internally to have a balanced accounting.

- To check and monitor and push-follow up regarding debts and receivables in the systems.

- To understand, to comprehend more and deeply the accounting system such as accurate and fina by studying it and check into more details how things can be simplified and how things can be made more efficient and effective and how things can be more benefits to the company in tangible or intangible way.

- To make system on how to closed the system sales when the customer reach the limits of outstanding payment.

- To give strategy on how to get the payment for the oustanding invoice from customers.

- To give strategy on how to get credit payment from principles.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience: Accounting & Tax: 2-3 years

Required education: Bachelor's or Diploma

Job Location: Positioned in Balikpapan

Required language: English/Indonesia


CP: 085750541647 (RIANTHA)

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